PROYA | "Echo Project" limited gift box,

dedicated to the Chinese skincare brand's 18th year

Prior to 2003, Chinese skin care brands didn’t have a place in the beauty industry. But then, the undaunted PROYA was born.


In 2021, PROYA celebrates its coming-of-age ceremony to commemorate the past, extraordinary 18 years.


PROYA's 18th anniversary theme was "18, we are young". What makes 18 attractive is not the number 18, it's the brightness of life and the state of mind that everything can be "loved".


A grand anniversary party, shifting the public's attention to the 18 years of PROYA's growth, a meaningful "Echo" video, let 18 years of unforgettable perseverance resonate with the public's emotions.


Insight into the aesthetics of the times unique shape to be loved

The 18th anniversary gift box of PROYA is a radio box with a unique shape that fits the theme of the "Echo Project.


Romantic and classic in a reproduction of the old radio pattern on the front. Dark blue 18th anniversary logo on the reverse makes it subtle and simple.

Sense of youthful vitality 


The overall appearance of this packaging is a silver, white, and dark blue color scheme. Overflowing with young energy and a modern trend.


When touching the surface pattern it has an obvious, convex feeling, three-dimensional and vivid. Textured like a handbag packaging it is easy to take, full of weight.


Listen to the echo of the brand, light, music symphony 


The packaging also has a compact with a cassette slot on the front of the packaging. By pulling up the ribbon and putting it in the tape, the light on the right disc lights up.


When the band's "When I Think of Myself at Eighteen" played, under the interplay of lights and music, the packaging becomes more refreshing.


This singing box condenses the brand's creative thinking and the pursuit of quality.


At this moment, the silence is relieved. Put the tape into the recorder, memories are slowly released. Immerse yourself in this song, hear the symphony of the era, discover while you are young.