Proya limited gift box with 5 highlights!

It is a great pleasure to announce that Jujin is collaborating again with Proya, a young skincare brand from China! Thank you Proya for your continuous support and trust!

The gift box packaging we customized for Proya will definitely inspire you! It is full technology and incorporates multiple packaging technologie.s.Our co-creation enables many possibilities for sustainable and creative packaging! This makes our cooperation more harmonious!

Let’s us introduce this limited gift box packaging . 

1. Packaging appearance with brand recognition

It is not difficult for us to feel the fashion sense of this gift box from the appearance. The overall use of a bright silver-blue color scheme is very brand recognizable, fashionable and eye-catching.


The cuboid box is simple and stylish, and you can feel the silky surface of the box when you hold it in your hand. The back of the gift box is wrapped with acrylic, which has both a sense of weight and a sense of technology.

The blue 2023 number pattern is printed on the front, surrounded by circular rings and diverging in all directions, implying the brand strength of Proya.

2. The inner box is equipped with slide rails, and the cream can be released with one click

The top of the gift box is designed with an OPEN buckle, after opening the gift box, the cream is pushed to the front along the inner box track.


3. When you want the cream to return to its original position, click the button on the lower right corner of the stage  with one click. This operation is "enough to play for a whole day!"


4. The box is equipped with lighting design

The limited gift box uses multiple lighting designs, and the vertical lights in the inner box light up one by one from bottom to top. At the same time, the number "2023" that is printed on the back can be illuminated. 

5. Environmentally friendly materials, sustainable packaging

our packaging also takes sustainable development into consideration, not only using environmentally friendly materials in all directions, but also setting a switch and charging port in the lower left corner of the box, which is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

We have multiple ways to play on one pack, and the way they are presented is pretty cool! Customers come to us with their vision and ideas and we make them a reality.  We also ensure that the production is done in a timely manner without issues.  Jujin Packaging has over ten years of professional experience.  Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help with both your stock and custom primary and secondary packaging.