CHANDO, a Chinese cosmetics brand, was founded in Shanghai, China in 2001 and is affiliated to Jialan (Group) Co., Ltd., and has now developed into a leading cosmetics company in China.

At the World Expo held in Shanghai, China on May 1, 2010, the "Himalayan Snow" series products of CHANDO created hot stories one after another, and the limited customized gift box made by Jujin of CHANDO in the exhibition shined brilliantly.

The pure white, cube clamshell box design embodies the brand concept of CHANDO in pursuit of pure nature. From a distance, this packaging is elegant and simple. When you are holding the box and looking closely, the packaging details reflect the high requirements of CHANDO on packaging design, and also reflect the advanced printing technology of Jujin.


The surface of the gift box is embellished with radiant silver snowflakes. It is jointly created by Scodix printing process and 3DUV, which has a sense of protrusion and three-dimensionality.


When slowly opening the gift box, a large paper snowflake in the center of the box is connected to the top of the box and spreads out together, allowing us to experience a three-dimensional romantic vision of opening the box.


The blue light at the back of the gift box penetrated the hollow snowflakes, giving you a feeling that you are in a world of snow.

At the same time, bursts of beautiful music melodies come from the box, which is created the music mechanism in the box.

As the snowflake unfolds, the product lifting platform in the center of the box rises when the box is opened. Such a wonderful unpacking experience makes consumers love it.

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