DR (Darry Ring) is a well-known high-end jewelry brand in China. The DR engagement diamond ring has set romantic rules since its inception.Men can only customize one piece in their lifetime with their ID card. A gift to the only woman he loves in his life.

With many fans worldwide, DR is still committed to creating jewelry boutiques that convey love. The Christmas gift box made by JuJin for DR has won good market feedback and shows the attention to product packaging.


White symbolizes pure and beautiful love, and is often used as the color of jewelry gift boxes. DR breaks the boundaries of jewelry gift boxes and uses orange-red color, which symbolizes heat and vitality, as the main color to set off a strong Christmas atmosphere. It will stand out among other jewelry gift boxes.

In the pattern design of the surface, various geometric figures are stacked, and then the figure is drawn with hot stamping technology. With the advanced and skilled printing technology, the box surface presents a colorful and beautiful visual effect. Such a high-value gift box is also very good-looking as a desktop decoration.

DR2021圣诞款礼盒_0005_图层 3.jpg

The structure of the cube is simple and elegant in appearance, and the middle is designed with a red wax-printed magnetic buckle, which is stable and exquisite. The use of high-grade paper not only responds to the call for sustainable development, but also ensures a silky touch,fully demonstrates the noble texture of the DR diamond ring.

The double-door opening design makes customers feel a sense of when opening the gift box. The left and right sides of the gift box are designed with Christmas tree paper-cutting, full of thoughtful Christmas blessings.

DR2021圣诞款礼盒_0004_图层 1.jpg

After the square outer box is opened, it is still a pure white cube diamond ring box with a white bow tied on it. The drawer box contains the diamond ring. Every step of the box opening experience is full of surprises.


As an ornament worn on the body, jewelry can be given not only to lovers, but also to friends and family members. It is not only an exquisite gift, but also carries beautiful blessings. Jewelry as a gift with a high unit price, has relatively high requirements on the design and material of the gift box. The unique design of the gift box can better show the high-end and exquisiteness of its brand and can stand out in the market.


Creatively designed gift boxes with high-quality materials can fully demonstrate your brand culture and market concepts. Jujin Packaging not only has a professional team to provide comprehensive services for your brand packaging, but also many professional certifications and case studies cooperation with multiple brands, our professional technology and various printing processes can fully meet your requirements. Please contact us any time with your packaging inquires.