Off & Relax is a high-end personal care brand originating from Japan. It belongs to the Chinese cosmetics company Proya. It was developed and founded by Proya and Yang Jianzhong, an expert with 26 years of professional experience in the field of scalp care.

Inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms for product development, Off & Relax launched a limited series of cherry blossom hair masks, Jujin Packaging made this special customized cherry blossom limited gift box for Off & Relax.


The appearance of the cherry blossom limited gift box uses a light pink and blue color scheme, and the gradient color makes the box present a romantic atmosphere.

The three-dimensional craftsmanship used by the JUJIN’s technology brings the high-end touch of each petal of the cherry blossoms to life.


Put the gift box upright on the table, gently pull the box from the middle, and the folding fan inside the gift box will be opened from both sides, just like opening a fan, Jujin Combines the gift box and fan into one package making this limited series gift box standing out in the market. 


Both the folding fan and the box in the middle are printed with cherry blossom patterns. This layered design makes a very creative counter display for the product and adds multiple unpacking experiences to consumers.

After opening the gift box, behind the scenery of cherry blossoms the products are clearly displayed in front of you. Such an interesting and advanced unpacking experience, whether it is bought for your own use or as a gift, Off & Relax’s intentions in product packaging for customers, deserves our praise.


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