Scodix Camera Box

Scodix process carving vintage camera, restore the real "lens sense"

Looking at the night sky and the galaxy, exploring the silver sea universe.

Looking at the poetic astrological phenomena from a distance, the years are boundless.

The splendid scene gives designers unlimited inspiration

JUJIN's original work [Scodix Camera Box] was born.


The trend is the rhyme, the craft is the melody.

The bright galaxy is inspired by a drop in the sea of stars and turned into a craft starlight presented by a series of packaging.

The overall use of the packaging is stylish gentleman black.

Like a deep and pure sky background.

The star-like excellence of craftsmanship is set off with solid color texture.


Mainstream craftsmanship

Different from traditional UV and hot stamping process,

the packaging adopts today's mainstream [Scodix Digital Efficiency Technology].

Every needle and thread on the pattern surface are clearly visible.

The camera pattern under the Scodix craftsmanship is durable and long-lasting.


Restore the real fashion three-dimensional.

The camera pattern on the packaging surface is vivid.

To restore the real camera lens.

Use 【Embossing Process】to create a three-dimensional realistic visual effect.

In addition, the camera surface adopts [UV frosting process]

Simulates the leather feel of retro camera surface.

The details are silver stamping, outlines the high-quality texture of the camera.


To present the camera scene under the light and shadow

The top detail of the pattern [hot laser silver] adds the finishing touch.


As Scodix craftsmanship is an upgrade of traditional craftsmanship.

Inject new vitality into the packaging and printing industry

It is also the best choice for luxury packaging printing.